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Rumors afloat that ISIL is Using Bitcoin for Funding


Many recent news articles have been speaking of the high possibility that ISIL is now using Bitcoin for funding. Officially it’s an unconfirmed rumor, but here are some reasons that terrorist groups such as ISIL are attracted to bitcoin. One of the main factors in this equation is the anonymity of the people sending and receiving bitcoin transactions. Higher-ups within ... Read More »

Richard Branson and Bill Gates Lean on Bitcoin following $30m Invesment


Following its first outside round of funding, Blockchain Limited, which runs the world’s most popular wallet for storing bitcoins has raised in excess of $30 million. Among the top investors are Lightspeed Venture Partners, Wicklow Capital and Richard Branson as confirmed by the London-based company in a statement. Blockchain, which has more than 2.3m consumer wallets, will use the funds ... Read More »

Apriva Partners with GoCoin to Offer Bitcoin and Altcoin Payments


International payments platform GoCoin has announced a technology partnership with point-of-sales (POS) service provider Apriva. Apriva’s Gateway connects payment devices, merchant acquirers and payment processors to deploy and manage wireless payments. The new deal will allow it to process payments in multiple digital currencies including bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. Stacey Finley Tappin, Apriva’s senior vice president of sales and marketing communications for North America, ... Read More »

Black Market Cannabis Road Hacked, $100,000 in Bitcoin Lost


Cannabis Road is now offline after suffering from an attack that saw hackers abscond with 200 BTC or roughly $100,355 at press time. Users who attempt to access the online marketplace dedicated to cannabis products are now presented with a message from lead developer ‘Crypto’ detailing the attack and the potential paths forward for the development team. Crypto writes that ... Read More »

BitGive Becomes First IRS Tax Exempt Bitcoin Charity


The BitGive Foundation announced today that it has become the first nonprofit bitcoin organization to achieve 501(c)(3) status, meaning the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officially recognizes it as a charitable organisation in the US. This means that any gains made by the foundation will not be taxed, thus directing more money to its supported causes. BitGive executive director Connie Gallippi told ... Read More »

Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Bitcoin’s Revolution Moves Beyond Currency


Just when people were getting used to the idea that bitcoin might not be a boom-and-bust fad destined for failure, entirely new applications of the technology have joined digital currency on stage. Crypto 2.0 – also know as cryptography 2.0, decentralized applications, or, popularly, as bitcoin 2.0 – is the application of block chain or distributed ledger technology to things ... Read More »

Payza Introduces Bitcoin Buying Option in 190 Countries


Global online payment processor Payza has announced it is now offering customers in 190 countries the ability to buy bitcoin via bank transfer. Payza took to its official blog to reveal the news, though this formal announcement followed preliminary tweets from both Payza business development consultant Charlie Shrem and the London and Montreal-based company itself. Payza first detailed its plans in ... Read More »

Can the Bitcoin Market Sustain so Many Altcoins?


Altcoins have been around for longer than you’d think, but it wasn’t until Bitcoin started making the news, and the price skyrocketed for anyone to start seriously considering altcoins. Litecoin took second place and has often been referred to as the silver to Bitcoin. Altcoins are created for any number of reasons, but are any of them here to stay? ... Read More »

Bitcoin Value Exhibits Volatility, Like Other Currencies


The Bitcoin price, or to be more precise, the value of Bitcoin in relation to a particular fiat currency, has recently been falling. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. For too long, the ability of Bitcoin to function as a currency, has been somewhat restricted by tales of its success as an investment. The currency has, until recently, been a ... Read More »