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Bitcoin Voucher Launches in Turkey


In December 2014, another innovative plan to easier acquire bitcoin was launched in Turkey. It’s called Bitupcard and was created by Amsterdam-based company, Bit4coin, and Berlin-based company, MK Payment. Essentially Bitupcard is set up in retail stores throughout Turkey and you can buy bitcoin over-the-counter. It’s the same idea as buying a pre-paid phone card or credit card. The process ... Read More »

Canada’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Closing


Some of bitcoin’s biggest news surrounds the announced closure of Canada’s biggest bitcoin exchange, CAVIRTEX.  Their main reason for closing is a security issue; their database, holding 2FA secrets and hashed passwords was hacked, although no identity information was stolen.  They’ve had issues with security in the past and are closing before a more serious breach and important information or ... Read More »

Bitcoin Demanded in Bomb Threats to Schools


Last week in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, bomb threats were made to multiple schools. The threats, which were received via email, demanded the Bitcoin alternate currency or else explosives would be detonated at various schools. Schools targeted with this threat included public, private, and Catholic so this was not a channeled threat because of religion or personal agenda. The police have ... Read More »

Bitcoin ATMs Coming to Los Angeles


Starting next week, Los Angeles Bitcoin users will have the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin at the new Robocoin ATMs. With just a scan of their palm, users have the freedom to exchange currencies through ExpressCoin at two Locali Conscious Convenience stores: one in Venice and one in Hollywood. The Robocoin ATMs cost $15,000 to build, and will provide ... Read More »

BTCTrip Wants to Turn 150,000 Hotels into Local Bitcoin Exchanges


BTCTrip is one of those special companies in the Bitcoin space that knows how to evangelize for the cryptocurrency. While they already allow users to book flights around the world with Bitcoin, they are now preparing an expansion into the hotel market. In addition to allowing users to book hotels with their online reservation system, they’re also rolling out some ... Read More »