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Bitcoin Voucher Launches in Turkey


In December 2014, another innovative plan to easier acquire bitcoin was launched in Turkey. It’s called Bitupcard and was created by Amsterdam-based company, Bit4coin, and Berlin-based company, MK Payment. Essentially Bitupcard is set up in retail stores throughout Turkey and you can buy bitcoin over-the-counter. It’s the same idea as buying a pre-paid phone card or credit card. The process ... Read More »

Canada’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange Closing


Some of bitcoin’s biggest news surrounds the announced closure of Canada’s biggest bitcoin exchange, CAVIRTEX.  Their main reason for closing is a security issue; their database, holding 2FA secrets and hashed passwords was hacked, although no identity information was stolen.  They’ve had issues with security in the past and are closing before a more serious breach and important information or ... Read More »

Bitcoin Growing in Africa…or Not?


The technology behind crypto currencies is ideal for third world countries in places such as Africa where huge percentages of the population don’t even have a bank account.  However, what more and more do have, are mobile phones, which would make digital money transfers a perfect alternative.   There have already been steps made to bring bitcoin to Africa with one ATM in ... Read More »

New ATM Converts Bitcoin into Silver & Store in San Francisco Only Accepts Bitcoin


New potential for ATM machines.  New changes have to start somewhere and a Singapore company has showed us this.  You can now buy gold and silver directly from a bitcoin ATM in Singapore.  The bitcoin-to-precious metals company, Quantified Assets, has made this possible by rewriting some of its open source software, and incorporating it into Lammasu ATMs to offer this added functionality.  Since its ... Read More »

Rumors afloat that ISIL is Using Bitcoin for Funding


Many recent news articles have been speaking of the high possibility that ISIL is now using Bitcoin for funding. Officially it’s an unconfirmed rumor, but here are some reasons that terrorist groups such as ISIL are attracted to bitcoin. One of the main factors in this equation is the anonymity of the people sending and receiving bitcoin transactions. Higher-ups within ... Read More »

Politicians Beginning to Embrace Bitcoin


  It’s exciting to see people looking ahead to the future and taking notice of bitcoin as another payment method.  Alternate currency is something new to many people, you’re average person probably hasn’t heard of it and doesn’t know what it is.  So when important people, such as politicians and businessmen, take notice and enable the use of bitcoin, it sheds an ... Read More »

MyCoin Investment Scandal


A dark cloud has been looming over MyCoin as a scandal continues to be uncovered.  There’s a lot of data to sift through and it’s hard to know what’s accurate, only time will tell as more information becomes available. It started with MyCoin  MyCoin is a Hong Kong based company professing to be a bitcoin exchange.  The MyCoin website claims they’re a “leading global Bitcoin trading ... Read More »

Bitcoin Demanded in Bomb Threats to Schools


Last week in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, bomb threats were made to multiple schools. The threats, which were received via email, demanded the Bitcoin alternate currency or else explosives would be detonated at various schools. Schools targeted with this threat included public, private, and Catholic so this was not a channeled threat because of religion or personal agenda. The police have ... Read More »

Pay for Flights with Bitcoin! Bitnet and Airlines form Partnership


A partnership between the digital payment processor company, Bitnet, and UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan) will help enable bitcoin transactions for over 260 airlines.  Airlines that are a part of  UATP include American Airlines, British Airways, and Japan Airlines.  There are already travel agencies such as Cheap Air, Webjet, and Expedia taking advantage of bitcoin as an additional payment method. Bitnet is ... Read More »

Bitcoin ATMs Coming to Los Angeles


Starting next week, Los Angeles Bitcoin users will have the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin at the new Robocoin ATMs. With just a scan of their palm, users have the freedom to exchange currencies through ExpressCoin at two Locali Conscious Convenience stores: one in Venice and one in Hollywood. The Robocoin ATMs cost $15,000 to build, and will provide ... Read More »