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New ATM Converts Bitcoin into Silver & Store in San Francisco Only Accepts Bitcoin


New potential for ATM machines.  New changes have to start somewhere and a Singapore company has showed us this.  You can now buy gold and silver directly from a bitcoin ATM in Singapore.  The bitcoin-to-precious metals company, Quantified Assets, has made this possible by rewriting some of its open source software, and incorporating it into Lammasu ATMs to offer this added functionality.  Since its ... Read More »

Bitcoin ATMs Coming to Los Angeles


Starting next week, Los Angeles Bitcoin users will have the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin at the new Robocoin ATMs. With just a scan of their palm, users have the freedom to exchange currencies through ExpressCoin at two Locali Conscious Convenience stores: one in Venice and one in Hollywood. The Robocoin ATMs cost $15,000 to build, and will provide ... Read More »