Politicians Beginning to Embrace Bitcoin



It’s exciting to see people looking ahead to the future and taking notice of bitcoin as another payment method.  Alternate currency is something new to many people, you’re average person probably hasn’t heard of it and doesn’t know what it is.  So when important people, such as politicians and businessmen, take notice and enable the use of bitcoin, it sheds an optimistic view on the future of digital currencies.

Recently, this has happened in two instances.

1)  It was announced today that the city council of New York, specifically councilman Mark Levine, are proposing a bill in which people can pay fees and fines usig bitcoin.  It’s thrilling to see such forward thinking, especially from someone like Mr. Levine who can bring these ideas to fruition.  This would be a great start and continues to grow awareness of the digital currency.  If the bill goes through, people will be able to pay fees such as parking fines and court fees with bitcoin.

Mr. Levine is quoted as saying:

Today you can buy almost anything with Bitcoin… For young, internet-savvy people, it’s become the currency of choice… This would convey to the world that New York is on the cutting edge.

2) The second instance comes from the other side of the country where Gavin Newsom who is running in the 2018 elections to be Governor of California has announced that he’s now accepting donations to his campaign in bitcoin.   It’s just another example of how bitcoin is joining the mainstream payment options on another level.  This also shows that bitcions awareness is growing and not only being used online or in small businesses here and there.  People higher up are taking notice and embracing it aswell!

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