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Rumors afloat that ISIL is Using Bitcoin for Funding


Many recent news articles have been speaking of the high possibility that ISIL is now using Bitcoin for funding. Officially it’s an unconfirmed rumor, but here are some reasons that terrorist groups such as ISIL are attracted to bitcoin. One of the main factors in this equation is the anonymity of the people sending and receiving bitcoin transactions. Higher-ups within ... Read More »

Pay for Flights with Bitcoin! Bitnet and Airlines form Partnership


A partnership between the digital payment processor company, Bitnet, and UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan) will help enable bitcoin transactions for over 260 airlines.  Airlines that are a part of  UATP include American Airlines, British Airways, and Japan Airlines.  There are already travel agencies such as Cheap Air, Webjet, and Expedia taking advantage of bitcoin as an additional payment method. Bitnet is ... Read More »

The Paranoia of Bitcoinners

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  Every individual who has been a keen participant willingly or otherwise, or has been a deliberate spectator, watching from afar how events unfold in the bitcoin community on a daily basis, at somepoint hopes for the best while fearing the worst. According to Daniel Krawisz who made a hilarious but truthful submission on Bitcointalk, Working in the Bitcoin world ... Read More »