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European Union to review tax on Bitcoin trading


The European Union is to step in to determine the Value Added Tax treatment on the trading of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Sweden has prompted the investigation, fearing its own initial tax pronouncement is being undermined by the UK’s revised position issued in March this year. European Court of Justice to clarify VAT liability Sweden has asked the European Court ... Read More »

BitXatm to Launch 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs in US


Germany-based digital currency bitcoin ATM and point-of-sale (POS) solution provider BitXatm has announced a new partnership that will find the company shipping 1,000 units to the US in a bid to build the country’s largest bitcoin ATM network. For the initiative, BitXatm will partner with Los Angeles-based CryptVision, a startup that itself is seeking to build the largest network of ... Read More »

BTC China Launches USD, HKD Bitcoin Trading Accounts


Shanghai-based bitcoin and litecoin exchange BTC China has announced the launch of USD and HKD deposits and withdrawals, becoming the latest China-based exchange to publicly extend its services to the international community. The news follows Beijing-based OKCoin’s announcement at The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) that it would be adding USD deposits this week as part of a broad push to ... Read More »

Connect to the Bitcoin Network with National Television Broadcast


There is one major impediment global Bitcoin adoption: the Bitcoin network lives on the Internet. Right now, the Internet is only available to a small portion of world’s population.  But apparently there are other ways of connecting to the network. Thanks to Kryptoradio, users may be able to broadcast Bitcoin worldwide using national television broadcast. Merchants and consumers will be able to connect to the network ... Read More »

Gold Companies are Rushing into Bitcoin


A number of companies specializing in selling, buying, managing or mining gold, with a combined market cap of billions, have recently announced their expansion into the Bitcoin arena through mining, selling, storing or accepting bitcoins for gold. Netagio, founded by GoldMoney which specializes in selling and storing gold with a market cap of approximately two billion dollars, today announced its ... Read More »

The Reports of Dogecoin’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated


Dogecoin is not dead. Earlier this month, the Dogecoin community had experienced its share of internal drama. Starting with the UltraPro trademark anger and moving to Jackson Palmer calling the community “cult-like,” this dog has seen better days. Alex Green of Moolah even took to calling out one biased article that was skewering Dogecoin and calling for its death. To ... Read More »

Mintpal Gets Hacked And PoS VeriCoin Has To Hardfork As A Result


Mintpal, a popular altcoin exchange, has been hacked. In their official announcement of the matter, they revealed that the hacker specifically targeted Mintpal’s large VeriCoin holdings. Mintpal was in control of 30% of existing VeriCoin, all of which was stolen by a yet unidentified hacker. Mintpal has emphasized to its users that they are still processing withdrawals for all other ... Read More »

DogeBetz: Dogecoin-Only Sports Betting


Are you the kind of person that follows your gut? How about a player that makes accurate predictions based on facts? I consider myself a mix of both, so I went to DogeBetz.com and put my money, or DOGE, where my mouth is. DogeBetz is an easy the sports prediction betting site that’s exclusive to Dogecoin and shibes alike, and ... Read More »

Phishing Scam Targets US Marshals Service Bitcoin Auction List


Individuals on the recipients list of the leaked US Marshals Service email to Silk Road auction enquirers are being targeted in a phishing attack, and at least one individual has fallen for the scam. The Wall Street Journal confirmed that several individuals on the list received phishing emails from the same source. However, not all the individuals on the leaked email recipients list were targeted. The unfortunate victim ... Read More »

UltraPRO Responds to Doge Trademark Uproar


Recently, California-based trading card accessory company UltraPRO International filed for a trademark on the word “Doge,” a move that flustered the Dogecoin community. The biggest fear was that by UltraPRO trademarking the word “Doge,” Dogecoin’s vendors would be at risk of being sued. Not only that, but Josh Wise, Dogecoin’s sponsored NASCAR driver, may face a backlash for the Dogecar. ... Read More »