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Can the Bitcoin Market Sustain so Many Altcoins?


Altcoins have been around for longer than you’d think, but it wasn’t until Bitcoin started making the news, and the price skyrocketed for anyone to start seriously considering altcoins. Litecoin took second place and has often been referred to as the silver to Bitcoin. Altcoins are created for any number of reasons, but are any of them here to stay? ... Read More »

Bitcoin Value Exhibits Volatility, Like Other Currencies


The Bitcoin price, or to be more precise, the value of Bitcoin in relation to a particular fiat currency, has recently been falling. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. For too long, the ability of Bitcoin to function as a currency, has been somewhat restricted by tales of its success as an investment. The currency has, until recently, been a ... Read More »

Australians Have Paid $150,000 Worth of Bills Using Bitcoin


Bitcoin in Australia has seen solid merchant-adoption in various cities, but one of the biggest problems of bitcoin mass adoption will always be paying for already institutionalized industries. Paying for student loans, internet service, phone service and public transportation are big obstacles in the way of the critical adoption levels Bitcoin-users crave. DISH has recently begun accepting Bitcoin as payment, ... Read More »

6 Things Bitcoin Has Made Possible for the First Time


It may be cliché, but perhaps no single word sums up bitcoin quite as well as “disruptive”. Computer scientists have been trying to create secure and sustainable digital cash since the earliest days of the Internet, and until Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper introducing bitcoin was published in 2008, their efforts were in vain. While the public may still be polarized ... Read More »

Fifty Million Stolen NXT Ransomed by Hacker to BTER Exchange


This morning, around 50 million NXT was stolen from the popular cryptocurrency exchange BTER. The number is outstanding, as the amount stolen is near five percent of all NXT in existence. The proof-of-stake coin’s community is now faced with a difficult decision that Vericoin developers faced a few months ago when hackers stole Vericoin from Mintpal. Either NXT allows the ... Read More »

USDcoin May Become Reality, Says Cryptolina Bitcoin Regulation Panel


This weekend’s Cryptolina Bitcoin Expo sought to be the Carolinas’ “defining Bitcoin event.” The expo featured a diversity of presentations, which focused both on high-level Bitcoin theory and topics specific to cryptocurrency in the Carolinas. One of the more lively discussions took place during the Cryptolina Bitcoin Regulation Panel. The panelists discussed a variety of topics related to the government’s ... Read More »

GoCoin Targets Telecoms With Email and SMS Billing System


GoCoin has released a new feature that will allow its merchants to request payment from customers via email and text message. Called its ‘Click-to-Bill’ feature, the bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin payment processor framed the release as one that will enable merchants to offer bitcoin shoppers added convenience while providing existing customers with a compelling reason to switch payment options. The ... Read More »

BTC China Launches iOS Apps, Reduces Fees


Exchange BTC China has relaunched the iOS version of its mobile exchange app, called simply ‘BTC China’, internationally on Apple’s App Store. Furthermore, an iOS version of the company’s wallet and person-to-person bitcoin trading app ‘Picasso’ is also awaiting approval by Apple, and will feature lowered sending fees. The new iOS exchange app  is largely aimed at traders and has all ... Read More »