• Rumors afloat that ISIL is Using Bitcoin for Funding

    Rumors afloat that ISIL is Using Bitcoin for Funding

    Many recent news articles have been speaking of the high possibility that ISIL is now using Bitcoin for funding. Officially it’s an unconfirmed rumor, but here are some reasons that terrorist groups such as ISIL are attracted to bitcoin. One of the main factors in this equation is the anonymity of the people sending and receiving bitcoin transactions. Higher-ups within the US government are looking for ways to better regulate suspicious transactions. Also, because bitcoin is a digital currency it’s very quick and easy for it to jump global and national borders without being noticed. The fear is that US-supporters ... Read More »
  • Pay for Flights with Bitcoin! Bitnet and Airlines form Partnership

    Pay for Flights with Bitcoin! Bitnet and Airlines form Partnership

  • The Paranoia of Bitcoinners

    The Paranoia of Bitcoinners

Bitcoin - the latest peer to peer software to act as an alternative to money

Bitcoin is a new technology invented for money payment, which works on the concept of digital currency. A peer to peer payment system with no one to own the network is maintained through the system. We do not now who owns the Bitcoin network. The network is simply controlled by all Bitcoin users around the world.

The Bitcoin wallet is software that is generally created to store our Bitcoin amounts. The wallet is there to keep the Bitcoin safe. The software can be utilized by our computer, tablet device or our smartphones. The main motive and role of money is as a medium of exchange.

Bitcoin emerged in 2009 as the creation of a person under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. They are usually transferred as a medium of exchange and to pay for goods. With a correct Bitcoin account registered, we can make all our payments with the Bitcoins. The payment is made without any personal information exchanged and one disadvantage of it is that they are not accepted universally. The cryptocurrency is a digital form of payment used by many people worldwide.

The Bitcoin charts help us in analyzing and make cost effective mechanism. It help in keeping track of Bitcoin Mining, Wallet and also Bitcoin exchange.